Why we work with Crafts

We are millennials, we are used to lightning-fast speeds. We live in the age of the Internet where even seconds seem too long. Belonging to this age and time, we are often asked, why is it that we prefer working with hand techniques and crafts?

Here is why-

  1. We love to work hands on.- Both of us, me and Shubhi, are makers. We like to work hands-on because we enjoy building something from scratch. It helps us understand the nuances of a product/technique and gives us more areas to experiment with. Our love for crafts comes from our love for making.
  2. More scope of customizing- When we conceptualized the foundation of Ekasth, we knew we wanted to be a counter for anyone who wants tailor-made items for their homes. We believe that if everyone is different, their homes should pose their personalities. When something is made by hand, there is more scope of making changes; it is not bracketed in length of constraints that machines come with.
  3. We love the irregularities of handmade:  One of the most fascinating elements of natural handmade goods is the human touch obvious in it’s look. Each piece not only speaks of the craftsman’s skill but also of his mood at the time of making and his personality. Everything handmade is a story in itself.
  4. Gives us a peek into how work was done without machines: In this age where technology is so advanced, you don’t need to as much as press a button to change the temperature of your room, we feel that is good to slow down and see how something is made by hands. Every product we make takes at least 10 days to complete. It does not only make us appreciate the hand skills but also motivates artisans to refine their artistry better.
  5. Personal Interaction: Every time we visit our artisans, it is more to learn than to get something made. They generally have a very different perspective on our visuals; their interpretations are worth a listen! More than that, it is fascinating to learn the little tricks they have devised over their years, which not only makes work easier but also amazes you in so many ways.

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