COVID-19 and Ekasth’s response.

I have always believed that in order to achieve one’s full potential efficiency, one needs to maintain distance between their work and their home. Mentally and physically. The COVID-19 outbreak challenged my understanding. As soon as India decided to lockdown, we were faced with the dilemma of making a design studio function without it’s studio space. We had to take measures to ensure that when we return back to our schedule, Ekasth’s team, it’s artisans and it’s client don’t suffer.

Our first concern is our artisans. We realise that this lockdown is going to affect them more than it would effect us. Some of them depend on daily wage and cannot afford to go out of work. So here is what we decided to do.

  1. We made sure that none of our ongoing orders are cancelled. This way, all who have workshops at homes, can continue working and keep their minds busy.
  2. Our payment schedules are working normally. Advance first and full payment on being informed that the work is done. We trust them, and we are not going to leave our family hanging in these trying times.

We immediately informed all our customers that Ekasth will not be able to take any new development orders at the moment, but we want to use this time to design and be ready for when the market opens. The show must go on.

We also believe that this time is a boon in disguise, we are using everyday to generate more creative content, we are designing and researching all through. And more importantly, we are taking the time to catch up on all the paperwork we often could not manage completing.

It is a beautiful time to create, one can be in their thought for longer, the distractions are lesser and the need to express is more than ever. Social media is very active, and in a lot of ways, everyone is more connected than ever. The free time this lockdown has given us all can be very overwhelming, but it is totally in our hands as to how we empty we really want our days to be.

Keep Faith | Keep Distance | Keep Loving

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